Radiator Repairs

Your radiator's role in your vehicle is to hold coolant and bring it down to the correct temperature by controlled exposure to outside air. If your radiator's damaged, leaking, or not flowing correctly, it can cause overheating in other areas of your car that normally rely on the coolant to function properly.

We can supply and install new radiator units in a large range of vehicles, from passenger cars to heavy duty trucks and earthmovers, or make repairs to your existing radiator and keep your vehicle running coolly and smoothly. If you think your radiator might be having problems, contact us for an inspection today.

System Flush & Leak Checking

In many cases a faulty radiator may be fine other than needing to clear an internal blockage. We can conduct a thorough cooling system flush, forcing coolant through your radiator unit to dislodge any sediment or residue that might be clogging up your radiator. 

We can also check your radiator for physical leaks, allowing us to repair a unit that would otherwise need replacing. Contact us today for a consultation.

Cooling System Assembly

Of course, it's more than just your radiator unit that can develop wear and tear over time. We can repair or replace any part of your cooling system assembly, from valves and hoses to coolant tanks and fans, and ensure all parts are properly mounted to keep your vehicle cool more effectively.

Contact us if you require a complete cooling system service.

Heater Core

Your vehicle's cabin heater is also a function of your engine's cooling system; rather than bringing the temperature down with coolant, a smaller radiator mounted underneath the dashboard fans warmer air into the car's interior. When a problem develops in this small radiator, the heater core, it can have similar effects as faults in your main radiator.

We're able to repair or replace heater cores, which in some models can require more extensive labour work depending on where the heater core is located. Contact us to have your heater checked.

Mechanical Services

On top of our cooling system services, we can also conduct certain mechanical repairs, including:

  • Brakes, steering and suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Auto-electrical systems
  • Diagnostic checks

Contact us today to organise a booking.